Business Intelligence


Big data and innovative analytics are crafting insightful new opportunities for organizations, yet only a small percentage are able to combine the right people, tools, and organizational focus to take advantage of their data. With open and proprietary technologies we empower institutions capitalize on their big data initiatives.

Harnessing Big Data doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Our vast strategy experience and analytical expertise ensure that organizations build the right skills to prospect data for actionable insights that can enable quality decisions and create value.

Architecture Development: constructing smart data management and intelligent schemas fostering organic growth.

Analytics as-a-Service: cloud based managed services for out-of-the box and on demand analytics.

Integrations and Management: project management and multi-platform big data implementations customized for the organization’s needs.

We utilize our business intelligence and strategy expertise to analyze in unison the market requirements that organizations need in the scope of big data and advise them the most appropriate services and solutions for business objective maximizations.

Actionable Insights

Optimized Operations

Long-Term Sustainability


Data warehousing is a technology that combines disorganized data from one or more sources so that it can be utilized for improved business intelligence. As organizations are growing and digitizing their day-to-day operations, the need for data warehousing increases as they collect data from increasingly growing sources by the minute.

Our data warehousing solutions ensure that your organization is well prepared and equipped with the right tool-sets with seamless compatibility for machine learning powered by artificial intelligence.

Data Strategies: developing time proof data methodologies and tactics to ensure and support market leadership.

Velocity Management: structuring and design of innovative Shari’a compliant product concepts while enabling collaborative environment across business teams.

Data Transformation: supporting organizations through their journey of data migrations.

Leveraging our in-depth knowledge of data warehousing techniques we apply hands-on expertise with industry proven technologies and services to architect and construct efficient, high performance, data warehouses and schemas.

Data Unity

Smart Governance

Agile Management


Reporting is a time-consuming and painstaking process when you’re flooded with endless columns and rows of text, myriad reports and over-flowing spreadsheets. Whether they’re internal or for clients, these reports are outdated and inefficient. If you have data (and everyone does) you can benefit from business dashboards that truly “tell the story” of your data. Transform your databases and Excel spreadsheets into interactive business intelligence, resulting in a new dashboard culture with greater data clarity.

Intelligent Visualization: inform users across the organization and provide on-demand access to critical business metrics.

Information Automation: reduce the amount of time and work compiling reports, signing into multiple analytics services, and sharing data with everyone in the business.

Departmental Alignment: display key metrics and insights that are relevant to each team and department that is mutually understandable to drive synergies.

Our use and knowledge of data visualizations simplify complex data sets and track KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to a business, department, or specific process. We provide organizations with awareness at a glance of the current performance and key critical information.

Dynamic Scalability

Multi-Platform Integration

Real-Time Functionality


Nowadays, the capability of managing variances in your business operation requires accurate business planning than ever. Keeping costs under control and thus increase margin whilst at the same time planning your growth has become an absolute must.

Industry leaders using our proprietary predictive models can reduce risks, optimize their operations and increase revenue opportunities. We help organizations in automating their budgeting, planning and forecast processes, hence enabling them to stay in control and ahead of the game.

Market Scoping: dscouting the current landscapes and providing multi-pronged foresights into the market and economies you operate in.

Management Insights: 360 degree foresights supporting decision making and the overall organization’s strategic direction.

Operational Insights: enabling organizations to better forecast and intelligently allocate resources to profitable business lines.

Our predictive analytics services are delivered through our statistical experts and enterprise-caliber BI platforms. We help organizations create real-time predictions and foresights by utilizing advanced, native analytical capabilities to seamlessly integrate data mining and statistical modeling tools.

Future Insights

Rapid Deployment

Machine Learning


We understand the lifecycle of agile project management: shorter delivery periods, scalable requirements, on-demand skills, critical processes and restricted budgets.We help identify the right candidate while maintaining confidentiality and are committed to deliver on your expectations.

Our managed services enable organizations to deliver their business intelligence projects with the best of the talent delivering with meticulous precision, shorter time periods and less headaches.

Resource Management: fully managed resource provisioning to deliver quality business results across all functional requirements.

Implementation Management: end-to-end project implementation services across all major BI platforms.

Support Solutions: post implementation services through dedicated onshore and offshore support centers to maintain BI applications.

We undertake logical analysis to customize our services to meet your BI project requirements enabling you to leverage the benefits of agile resource deployment and support management.

Results Oriented

Lean Delivery

Efficient Outcomes