Risk And Governance


In the current marketplace, volatility due to external factors have led organizations to increase their focus for a robust ERM framework. Businesses, governments and investors are keenly examining the internal risk-management policies and procedures to ensure compliance to the ever changing regulatory and operating landscapes.

Our risk management specialists draw on their experience and knowledge focused on developing risk mitigating solutions and strategies that empower organizations with the ability to balance risks and improve profitability.

Risk Strategies : planning and executing critical risk mitigation practices and setting industry benchmarks.

Framework Development : architecting efficient enterprise risk frameworks to realize, assess, and mitigate internal and external risks.

Governance Advisory : developing efficient policies and procedures based on market established best practices

We leverage the skills of our risk management consultants and help organizations identify, quantify, and prioritize their most important risks as well as related returns through our world class risk management practices and strategies.

Risk-return Transparency

Risk-enabled Decisions

Robust Frameworks


Risk assessment is a vital part of the overall process of risk management; identifying, prioritizing and validating existing and emerging business risks. Risk management today is closely integrated with strategic planning and is conducted proactively with an eye on how such capabilities might help a company manage their existing operations more effectively or pursue rapid growth strategies.

Our Takaful Specialists strive to determine what’s best for your next set of objectives, with a thoughtful eye toward measurable results.

Strategic Consulting : advising organizations on utilizing innovative Takaful product solutions to mitigate and manage their financial risks.

Business Intelligence : architecting dynamic frameworks with reporting functionalities towards risks, mitigants and organizational resilience.

Product and Policy : developing pioneering Takaful products and policies to deliver value based propositions for the Islamic financial industry.

We develop and manage structured Takaful solutions and sustainable strategies that are in line with the international Takaful best practices, spearheading cost optimizations, comprehensive risk profiling and corporate values.

Risk Integrity

Industry Recognized

Operational Reliability


Organizations in today’s economy are focusing on business resilience and continuity more than ever to combat the unforeseeable and unexpected challenges that may arise. Organizations are focusing on alternate planning by taking proactive measures to identify and recognize potential threats and risks in order to develop robust practices.

Our business continuity capabilities coupled with holistic management solutions continue to provide organizations with the tools, strategies and support they need to ensure that their business continues to strive forward effortlessly.

Business Impact Analysis : assessing the possible impacts and developing their respective prevention systems.

Continuity Strategies : architecting the best practices to ensure your organization is prepared for anything and everything.

Disaster Recovery : planning efficient strategies that enable the recovery or continuation of your organizations vital technology and infrastructure.

Our core methodologies are focused on putting the customer first and developing flexibility within the existing infrastructure whilst maintaining an Integrated pricing approach.

Resolute frameworks

Agile Integrations

Optimized Governance/b>


Modern organizations know that in a data-driven, highly distributed and globalized world, there are serious threats that must be addressed immediately. With systems and networks becoming even easier and simpler, the risks for threats and their exposures have significantly increased.

Our cyber security consulting services enable and empower organizations to comply through internationally recognized processes and security practices that are essential to the protection of their stakeholders, organization and brand.

Security Strategies : developing tough and formidable strategies for the fortification and protection of cyber assets.

Risk Assessment : determining levels of organizational cyber risks and threats through multi-tiered and controlled assessment methodologies.

Compliance Testing : stress testing existing cyber practices and policies for exposed contingencies.

We employ cutting edge technologies, sound processes and ironclad practices designed to defend and protect networks, digital assets and data from external and internal attacks, losses or unauthorized access.

Resilient Solutions

Threat Intuitive

Enterprise Protection