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Organizations worldwide are constantly on the search and lookout for exceptional talent. With requirements for staffing multiple competencies within one individual, organizations have widened their search for multi-talented persons with the perfect combination of skills and corporate competencies. This initiative makes all the difference in any organization which aspires to be the best and we’re here to help.

Our bespoke placements maintain the business practices of organizations as well as support them in the attainment of their business goals and ambitions.

Business Intelligence : housing one of the largest pools of multi-platform data scientists and intelligence consultants to cater to all your BI needs.

Functional Consulting : providing organizations with talent to fill in the gaps where functional expertise is required towards any domain.

Executive Placements : empowering organizations with the right leaders and visionaries to steer towards an even more successful future.

Our placement framework is to deploy the right resources on-demand matching your institutional project requirements enabling you to optimize costs and delivery time.

Functional Expertise

Skill Diversity

Rapid Deployment


Organizations are always focused on ensuring the effective and efficient deployment of their existing resources. Capability maximization is always a key imperative for the industry and institutions alike. Key success factors are to deploying the right resource for the right cost at the right time.

Our team with deep Islamic Finance expertise, vast industry foOur workforce transformation services provide organizations with critical employee productivity insights needed to develop resource optimization strategies and plans in order to realize core business objectives and enterprise goals.

Transformation Strategies : developing solid and sound strategies to enable a strong and resilient workforce plan.

Productivity Analytics : proprietary research and tactical methodologies to pinpoint key workforce related attributes and data for accurate and deep analysis.

Compensation and Benefits Planning : improving and aligning the organization’s pay practices as per industry benchmarks.

We utilize our proprietary analytical and research methodologies to assess the current workforce gaps, shortfalls and improvements. We use the collected data to then advise and optimize.

Asset Optimization

Productivity Mapping

Enterprise Centric


Every organization is a leader in its own specific practice. But to keep those practices ahead of the game, that is something that rests on the abilities and talents of the employees. With organizations evolving, employees are expected to perform more multi-faceted duties than ever before and thusly bear even more responsibilities.

Our capability discovery solutions empower organizations to understand the capabilities of their employees even better and utilize their untapped potential for maximum benefit.

Capability Frameworks: deploying robust and dynamic discovery modeling techniques to deliver enhanced capabilities.

Competency Strategies : developing industry leading capability and competency indexes to better understand the organization’s potential.

Change Management : changing behaviors and mindsets using analytical data for successful employee transformations.

We develop capability mapping models through clearly defined indexing quadrants and required outcomes based on job role analysis and relevant benchmark criterion.

Rapid Deployment

Talent Mapping/b>

Articulated Results