1. What is Quantumac Management specializes on?

Quantumac Management specializes in management related business-to-business intelligence that are industry specific.

2. Can I attend a program without registering?

No. We are sorry to say that participants of all of the programs and courses offered by Quantumac Management must send in their registration prior to the program.

3. How and when should I pay for a program or course organized by Quantumac Management?

Payments should be made prior to or on the course/program day. Payments should be made to QU Management Sdn Bhd via crossed cheque, or may be banked in directly to our company account. Contact our ACCOUNT DEPARTMENT accounts@qtmquest.com for further details about payments.

4. If I cancel, are the payments refundable?

We are sorry to say no. Cancellations in writing 14 days prior to the course/program are subject to a 50% cancellation fee, while cancellations in writing 14 days to the course/program are subject to full payment.

5. Who can attend the courses/programs organized by Quantumac Management?

Quantumac Management courses/programs are often topic specific. As such, it is advisable for interested participants to scrutinize the qualifications/suggested attendees required for the program.

6. Are the programs conducted by Quantumac Management claimable under HRDF?

Yes. Various programs under Quantumac Management are claimable under SBL. Please note that various courses/programs are only claimable under certain schemes for certain amounts. It is advisable to ascertain the scheme covering a certain program before registering. Please contact our SALES DEPARTMENT sales@qtmquest.com to get further details.

7. Are the trainers/facilitators/speakers qualified?

Yes. All the trainers/facilitators/speakers are fully qualified to instruct in their various fields, and are often certified by various organizations to ensure that their knowledge of the subjects taught are up-to-date and relevant.

8. How are the courses/programs offered by Quantumac Management developed?

Quantumac Management utilizes a research and development phase prior to designing a program to ensure that topics that are current and suitable for local and international businesses.

9. Are the Sales & Marketing personnel trained to understand clients` need?

All our sales and marketing personnel will go through extensive training before they assume their duties. They are trained to understand clients’ need and priorities. This is to ensure that our customers will be on the right path when registering for our courses.

10. What other services does Quantumac Management offers?

Other than our current services, can consult and/or develop customized in-house training courses/programs that are topic specific.

If your inquiries wasn’t stated here, please feel free to email us at OPERATION DEPARTMENT operation@qtmquest.com