Venue: Le Meridian Hotel, Kota Kinabalu

Date: 23 - 24 October 2017

Workshop 1:

Effective GST for Account Payable Masterclass


• Create a smooth-running payment system in compliance with GST that saves time, money and resources
• Catch discrepancies through an effective system of checks and balances
• Identify and review Account payable activities in line with GST
• How to use practical examples to provide clarity to key areas of concern on recovery of GST on purchases
• Gain step by step guidance to understanding the conditions for your business to recover GST incurred on purchases
• Better understand when to claim and when not to claim GST for your purchases
• Appreciate the GST rules on purchases: Input tax recovery conditions, deemed output tax, fringe benefits and business expenses

GST for Account Receivable & Credit Policies Management

• Develop effective GST compliant credit policies that meet company’s objectives.
• Use GST financial and non financial analysis to assist in making the credit decision.
• Create a smooth-running GST compliant Account Receivable system that saves time, money and resources
• Organise your paperwork and records and make them accurate, accessible and easy to follow

Date: 25 October 2017

Workshop 2:

Accelerationg Your Monthly & Yearly Cosing of Accounts Masterclass


• Appreciate the importance of fast closing on company-wide operations
• Develop closing processes and document how-to tasks
• Improve understanding of departmental requirements for financial reporting
• Provide faster and accurate data for monthly and year-end closing
• Enhance communication with internal and external clients.