Venue: Vouk Hotel Suites, Penang

Date: 19 - 20 July 2018


Efficient Finance & Accounting Operations: 2018 Post GE14 Best Practices & Updates


With GST out of the window and the re-introduction of SST by 1st of September 2018, Account Managers and staff are in need to pause what they are doing, take a step back, and look at how they perform their work. They will probably agree that things are currently effective but could be more efficient.

This course will provide you with the tools and techniques necessary to enhance all the building blocks of accounting and finance. From accounts payable and cash management to budgeting and financial statements, we will show you best practices in tools and techniques that will make your job easier and help you deliver more value after the demolition of GST.

The course will also cover behavioral concepts related to the day-to-day accounting and finance operations.ractical examples to provide clarity to key areas of concern on recovery of GST on purchases

• Identify the main elements of a vision for finance and accounting
• Evaluate and improve accounts payable process
• List the key best practices in receivables, inventory and cash management
• Assess the budgeting process in their organizations and recommend improvements
• Understand the GST legislation mechanism from now until 1st September 2018
• Know the provisions of the GST that may be continue to be in force, such as audit, recovery of tax and offences provisions under the GST Act and the transition mechanism
• Learn how to overcome and deal with common mistakes and offences
• Understand SST legislation mechanism
• Excel reporting and analysis techniques for a faster accounting and finance operations
• Develop an enhanced understanding of the behavioral concepts related to the day-to-day finance and accounting operations

• Analytical skills
• Accounts payable management
• Accounting and managing accounts receivables and inventory
• Preparing financial statements
• Budgeting
• Excel reporting and analysis