Venue: Le Meridian Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
Workshop : Enterprise Cloud Security and Governance

5- 9 July 2021

Modern day businesses and enterprises are moving to the Cloud, to improve efficiency and speed, achieve flexibility and cost effectiveness, and for on-demand Cloud services. However, enterprise Cloud security remains a major concern because migrating to the public Cloud requires transferring some control over organizational assets to the Cloud provider. There are chances these assets can be mismanaged and therefore, as a Cloud security professional, you need to be armed with techniques to help businesses minimize the risks and misuse of business data.

Learning Activities:

• Lecture
• Practical Exercise
• Case Studies
• Learning Activities
• Video Presentation
• Self-Evaluation
• Training

This is a lab-base program, with the participants developing their own tools during the class while utilizing the software(s) made available for them. It also covers essential cybersecurity aspects, such as threat detection and access management. Topics related to endpoint hardening such as monitoring, updating, and anti-malware implementations are also discussed.


• Enable SMEs post Covid-19 to establish a Cloud Centric IT operating model based on the speed, agility and cost of Cloud computing
• Enable appropriate Cloud decision-making without friction
• Learn the necessary steps to Integrat with existing Enterprise IT Governance processes, policies, boards and tools
• Apply Balanced – appropriate coverage for key decisions, investments and risks while achieving the benefits of Clouds
• How to be proactive to anticipate and prevent Shadow Clouds and Unauthorized Cloud activities that expose organizational risks


Systems and Network Administrators, Systems and Network Engineers, Systems and Network Analysts, Network Engineers and Network Professional, Technical Support, Information Security Managers, Chief Security Officers (CSOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), Senior IT Support Staff, IT and Audit Management, IT Audit, IT Risks and Security Practitioners, IT Consultants, Project Leaders