Quantumac Management can organize any of our courses as an in-house session for your organization. We can run any of the public workshops in-house using the standard published workshop outlines or alternatively we can provide highly tailored workshops. This allows you the opportunity to have a tailored workshop that will specifically meet your business needs by discussing the content direct with the presenter. We can also tailor the timings to suit your organization needs by arranging full or part day workshops or even a series of workshops. As the course is run specifically for your organization it allows for questions to be asked in a safe, confidential environment or for your organization-specific scenarios to be included in the program.

This can be a very cost effective way of providing tailored training to a number of members of staff and as this training is delivered in clients’ venues there are considerable savings to be obtained in travel time and costs.

In addition to the courses in the program, there are a number of topics which we are able to present as in-house courses. Some examples of courses presented recently are:

Human Resources Management

• Job Analysis, Description and Evaluation
• Personnel Policies and Procedures
• Organization and Manpower Planning
• Compensation and Benefits
• Compensation/Salary Surveys
• Competency Frameworks, Models and Dictionaries

Training & Manpower Development

• Training Need Analysis
• Evaluating Training Effectiveness
• Competency Gap Analysis
• Audit of the Training and Development Function
• Career Development and Successsion Planning

Strategic Management

• Strategic Planning
• Audit of Key Performance Indicators
• Management of Change
• Performance Measurement and the Balanced Scorecard

Performance Management

• Performance Management Systems
• Competencey-Based Performance Systems
• Performance-Based Reward Systems

Oragnization Management

• Oragnization Reviews
• Structure Development
• Process Mapping
• Simplification of Work Methods and Procedures

Manpower Efficiency

• Assessment of Employee Potential
• Productivity, Work Standards and Manpower Levels
• Employee Communication Strategies
• Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Improvement Strategies

• Totaly Quality Management
• Audit of Materials Management
• Audit of Maintenance Planning
• Audit of Project Management

Sales Marketing

• Sales Management Systems
• Customers Service Programs
• Marketing Strategies
• Service Quality Management

Corporate Finance & Investment

• Financial Policies and Procedures
• Internal Control Systems
• Budget Systmes and Manuals
• Feasibility Studies
• Business and Financial Forecasting
• Pre-IPO Due Diligence
• Financial Restructuring and Sensitivity Analysis
• Design of Investment Policies

If you cannot find the specific topic you require, please contact our training team and we willdo our best to help.

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